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The Trend Of Intimate Weddings in India Post Pandemic

September 21, 2021

Checkout out why after covid-19 pandemic intimate Wedding or small Wedding becomes a Trend in India.

Due to this COVID-19 Pandemic everything is coming back to normal but in a very different way. New rules to follow with all the protections and a proper hygienic management system.

Now people who are in need of these upgraded patterns for celebrating the events are stepping into it, where hope is to keep balance between Safety and Celebration. One major benefit of this is that now everyone is getting more aware to spend and enjoy the moments with their family as well as the close friends, then one thing comes in mind is Intimate Wedding or small Wedding.

Similarly the wedding and event planners are now dealing with this by all the precautions like keeping records of the vendors who are vaccinated and of one who are working with the sanitized methods. And this Industry starts running back just like before the pandemic, by accepting and following these new rules to be ready for you all serving the best.

Another major benefit of Intimate Wedding is getting by the new rules of safety is that around 90% OFFin the entire budget issue. As in place of inviting 200 guests or more, invitation was restricted to 10% of the actual count. In the beginning of this new system, the final count was fixed by a total 50 members including event planners & the whole staff. But now as the restrictions are getting flexible, adjustments are made according to it.

Intimate Wedding-Shaadivaale

So the guests are so less, people are looking forward to get more better vendor services as now they have plenty of money to spend on it. Either it is Makeup Artists, Mehndi Artists, Choreographers, Caterers, Event Planners, Decorators, Photographers, Jewellers or Designers.

In an Intimate wedding social distancing is another one of the major rule to follow, event planners are paying attention to it equally. Putting full focus on the vendors to keep a strong habit of maintaining social distance all the time. And also believing this their duty to keep the guests also in the proper social distancing structure at the function. Either it’s about meal time, performances, seating arrangements or other activities, every aspect will be done in a better way by an intimate wedding.

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