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Plan an Intimate wedding in India with shaadivaale

September 21, 2021

Not everyone wants a grand wedding, and due to the pandemic, intimate weddings seem to continue to exist.

Not everyone wants a grand wedding, and due to the pandemic, intimate weddings seem to continue to exist. So, where should you start planning the perfect wedding? If COVID-19 affects your wedding plans, you are not alone! You may be thinking about postponing your day completely, but if the past year has taught us one thing, it is that life is too short, so maybe an intimate wedding might be the perfect way to start a new chapter. To help you, we have collected some of the best tips on how to plan an intimate and comfortable wedding while keeping you safe from covid.

Keeping it small

Just because you reduce the number does not mean it is less celebrated. In fact, inviting your closest family and friends can make your wedding more special, because it means having more quality time with your loved ones. Try to keep the number between 15 and 50, and reconsider whether a wedding needs to be held-imagine that all eyes are on you and your lover. Isn't it romantic? If you like grand celebrations, you can plan a wedding party at any time, when you can invite all those who are not on the list.

Choosing a cozy location 

Another benefit of narrowing the guest list is that there are more venues to choose from. To reduce it, choose an intimate environment that feels super comfortable and suitable for your guests. Back gardens, beaches, campgrounds, and even forests are the most popular choices for intimate weddings, which can be transformed into a dreamlike and warm wedding wonderland.

Merge ceremony and reception 

It's time to throw away the rulebook-who said that receptions and ceremonies require two different venues? We said, let us be smart and put the two under one roof. This will not only help create a more intimate and welcoming environment, but also save your money and time

Maximize the guest experience

Since you only invite your closest and favorite people, they should feel like VIPs during your day, so let us treat them like them. Focus on finer details. Arrange comfortable seats for your guests to take a break, because they don’t need those hard and uncomfortable chairs! You can also distribute thank you bags with sweets and heartfelt messages to show your guests how grateful you are for them to be there.

Play wedding games

It’s time to go back to the 90s and draw inspiration from beloved Bollywood movies like Hum Apke Hai Kaun. Plan those old-fashioned wedding games, our dad, Nanis and all the old games in the house are very fond of children and make the most of your wedding celebration. Take out those mattresses, create comfortable floor seating arrangements for all guests, and let them gather to play games, such as Antakshari, Dumb Charads, Pass The Pillow, and even musical chairs.

Make it full of magic

The biggest advantage of holding a intimate wedding is to create a warm atmosphere, which is usually difficult to achieve for large weddings. Create your own fairy tale by hanging fairy lights, lighting candles, placing lanterns and adding detailed decorations-the choices are really endless!

Well if you have decided to skip a big Indian wedding due to a pandemic, then don't worry shaadivaale will guide to intimate wedding ideas. We have a team of an expert wedding planner to professional makeup artists and to professional photographers who will make your wedding memorable.