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Certificate Program in wedding planning

A Specialised Online course designed by Shaadivaale!

Course Overview
This course provides aspiring wedding planners with the knowledge and skills needed to plan and execute successful weddings in the Indian market. Participants will learn about traditional customs, modern trends, budgeting, vendor management, and more.

Course Duration: 3 Months
Course fee: INR 9,999/-

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Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Indian Wedding Culture Understanding the significance of weddings in Indian culture
Overview of regional customs and traditions
Role of family, religion, and community in Indian weddings
Module 2: Wedding Planning Fundamentals
Basics of event management and wedding planning
Establishing timelines and budgets
Legal aspects and paperwork required for Indian weddings
Module 3: Vendor Management
Identifying and selecting suitable vendors (decorators, caterers, photographers, etc.)
Negotiation techniques and contract management
Building vendor networks and managing relationships
Module 4: Venue Selection and Decoration
Factors to consider when selecting wedding venues
Traditional and contemporary decor & Designing styles
Tips for transforming venues to suit different themes

Module 5: Ceremonies and Rituals
In-depth exploration of various pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding ceremonies
Understanding the rituals associated with different religions and communities
Module 6: Catering and Menu Planning
Planning menus to accommodate diverse dietary preferences
Catering logistics and food presentation
Managing food tastings and finalizing menus
Module 7: Entertainment and Hospitality
Organizing entertainment for different events (music, dance, performances, etc.)
Guest accommodation and transportation arrangements
Ensuring a seamless guest experience
Module 8: Budgeting and Financial Management
Creating and managing wedding budgets
Cost-saving tips and strategies
Tracking expenses and managing cash flow
Module 9: Marketing and Client Management
Building a personal brand as a wedding planner
Attracting and retaining clients
Effective communication and client relationship management
Module 10: Practical Project and Case Studies
Hands-on project to plan and execute a mock wedding
Analysis of real-life case studies from successful wedding planners
Guest lectures and Q&A sessions with industry experts
Assessment and Certification: Assignments, quizzes, and a final project to evaluate participants' understanding and application of concepts
Certificate of completion awarded upon successful fulfillment of course requirements

Course Deliverables

⭐ Online Lectures: Online sessions covering each module, presented by experts in the wedding planning industry.
Presentation Slides: Accompanying slides summarizing key points, visuals, and additional resources for each lecture.
Workbook: Downloadable workbook containing exercises, assignments, and templates for practical application.
Quizzes: Self-assessment quizzes at the end of each module to gauge understanding.
Case Studies: Real-life scenarios for analysis and application of learned concepts.
⭐ Guest Expert Sessions: Bonus interviews with industry experts sharing insights and tips.
Resource Library: Curated reading materials and additional resources for further learning.
Community Forum: Online platform for peer-to-peer interaction, networking, and support.
Feedback Mechanism: Opportunities for participants to provide feedback and receive support.
Certificate: Downloadable certificate upon successful completion of course requirements.

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This course is extremely helpful in gaining superior knowledge of the wedding planning aspects. Its very detailed and covers everything that one must know when entering into the wedding planning industry. The faculty and guest lecturers really helped me get entry into this industry. 100% worth it!
- Ayushi Sharma, Mumbai

Ms Lia helped us get hold of each and everything during the training time period and it was fun to learn from her. She helped me to gain confidence and set up my work profile in early days after the course completion. I have advised many of my friends to join here.
-Pooja Malhotra, Delhi

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