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An interabled love story of Laxmi and Shashi!

My name is Laxmi. I Got married to Shashi Bhushan on 19th Dec 2021 after 10 years of relationship. Ours is an interabled wedding as I am differently-abled - a wheelchair user. We met on facebook in 2010…we were in college at that time. He saw me in his schoolmate’s friend list and thus sent me the friendrequest.I thought he must have been in my school in different section so I messaged him asking whether we were in the same school and he responded with a no. that's how we got talking and ended up talking till 5 am!!! After that we used to chat almost everyday and although he never told me but I knew he liked me. we used to live in different in Delhi ..he was in patna and after that he joined college in Bhubaneswar.. 9 months after talking on the phone, one day he expressed his desire to meet me …I thought he must be kidding as I didn’t think he would come all the way from Orissa to meet a girl he met on Facebook. But he actually took a flight and came to Delhi and called me upon landing.I was very excited to meet him but nervous too so I took my best friend with me. and that was our first in person meeting. He proposed me the next day but I was not ready for a long distance relationship as I felt it will be very difficult for both of us to keep it…but he was determined to be with me and promised me that he would come every month to meet me ..and he kept his words and again came the next month. I was so impressed by his determination and the efforts he was making to be with me that I fell so hard in love with him and we got into a relationship
I told him all the disadvantages of being with a special girl but nothing changed his love for me..
After being in a relationship for 11 years we decided to tie the knot as we both were inseparable and meant the world to each other but we knew from the beginning that it won't be a smooth sail.. initially both our parents were against this…but I convinced my parents and it was easy as they already knew shashi since many years now but convincing shashi’s parents was seeming impossible. they were not even ready to listen anything regarding us getting married…shashi tried his best to make them come around but it was not working we got hitched in an intimate wedding with close friends and family. and to our surprise , shashi’s family came around after our wedding and gladly accepted our love

Like every girl, I also dreamt of a beautiful wedding with my loved ones around but as I was specially abled with a lot of challenges, we needed to plan it differently and we did a lot of research went into finding a wedding photojournalist , searching a lightweight lehenga, finding a wheelchair friendly venue and planning the bridal entry and many more things and we are glad we were able to pull it off beautifully.