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A Match made in Heaven: Aastha & Rishabh

It’s true when they say marriage is all about destiny. Well, ours was a match made in heaven, arranged by our parents.

When I met Rishabh for the first time, I knew he was special. Before this, I didn’t even know if love at first sight was possible.

We both felt a spark and instantly knew it was a ‘Yes’ in our hearts.

Of course, we didn’t express our feelings instantly. We took a few days, met a couple of times and then finally decided to

become permanent roommates.

But this story has an unexpected twist, immediately after our rokka ceremony, the country went under complete lockdown

due to the pandemic and our wedding got postponed indefinitely. Secretly, I couldn’t be happier because I wanted to enjoy a

longer courtship.

The entire courtship, we met n-number of times (lucky for us that we live close-by) and got to know even the smallest things

about each other. This time spent together brought us closer so beautifully and then, there was no looking back.

Our families finally decided for our wedding to happen in October. I always wanted a small wedding with only the near and

dear ones and that came to be true. It was a 100 people wedding and perfect because it only had our close family and


Having a destination wedding came as a surprise and was all so sudden. We chose Fairmont, Jaipur and it was a dream

wedding destination for us. Our wedding planner Manu Anand made it even more special for us. All the 4 events in the 2-day

affair were planned so beautifully and seamlessly. They handled every small detail -- from our colorful mehendi ceremony,

musical sagan ceremony, phoolo ki holi at haldi to our unimaginable varmala ceremony - it was all curated outstandingly.

Often brides get lost and tired in the process but I on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed each function to the fullest. I danced

my heart out and still relive those moments looking back at the wonderful memories we created.

As I pen this down I feel super nostalgic, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner, wedding, and marriage. ️

#Riaas #EkVivahaisabhi ��

(Written by Aastha Jain)

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