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Unique Mehndi Designs With Peacock Motifs

November 20, 2021

One among the most lovely bird we as a whole know about, is the peacock, our national bird.

One among the most lovely bird we as a whole know about, is the peacock, our national bird. Their blend of extraordinary shadings and their quill design is interesting to so many of us,that we could venerate on a daily basis. This very explanation makes the peacock configuration more pursued and famous decision among the many scope of plans that are accessible. The examples and above all, the work is unmistakably reflected post washing and drying. While there are no specific reasons on why a peacock is chosen as the choice, our most realistic estimation is that because of its splendid demonstration of plumes and the sheer excellence of the bird, settles on it a famous decision.


Simple Peacock Design On Legs


This design is too simple and easy to draw. The mehandi used is brown and has the bird on the centre of the feet, with motifs away from the peacock. To complete the look, compatible nail polish is used. For those of you looking for something too simple on the legs ,here is one to try.


When The Peacock Motif Takes Centre Stage


This henna artist truly knows how to show off this beautiful motif without going over the top.


The Mor That Radiates Beauty


This unique peacock motif mehndi a symphony of symbolism and art, mixed into one stunning design!


A Minimal Peacock Mehendi Design



We're absolutely in love with gorgeous and neatly designed peacock motif at the back of the hand. 


Well, Isn't This One Bewitching!


This mehendi design, made purely out of the image of a peacock, has us head over heels for its pretty vision. 


An Elaborate Peacock Mehndi Design


An elaborate peacock with its wings spread is one of the quick mehndi designs. While the intricate detailing adds to its beauty which marks the individuality of this particular design. The long peacock Mehandi design on your back look more pretty and elaborate.


Bridal Peacock Mehndi Design


Bridal mehndi designs are generally very complicated as they feature a lot of detail. It is better to select the best and modern bridal Mehendi designs that suit the bride. These Peacock Mehendi designs are the new trend for this wedding season. They are classy and beautiful, that makes every bride look the best in her form. The traditional and indispensable part of our culture, mehndi has undergone a sea of changes.


Center Mehndi Peacock Design


A peacock design in Mehndi when placed in the center looks amazing surrounded with different curvy and leafy designs. The design has two peacocks bound in a leaf, which represents the bride and groom. Hence it is a perfect bridal Mehndi design. The design can also be modified by placing a peacock and a peahen with black-brown shades for a glamorous look on designer lehengas.


Final Thoughts:

The peacocks are images of adoration and henceforth they are broadly utilized in bridal mehndi. Apart from the love they also symbolize spirituality, vision, royalty, inspiration and much more which are quite effective for a new beginning in life.


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