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Unique bridal cake that is setting a new trend

September 21, 2021

We have found this gorgeous wedding cake that brides were delighted with going trending on instagram.

We have found this gorgeous wedding cake that brides were delighted with on Instagram. This two-tiered drum cake features edible roses and colorful hand-painted edible sugar cubes, confetti, and a statue of a beautiful, sugar-coated bride. What drives me crazy about this cake is that it looks like a real gem and is a gem of the bride, perfected by Baketown Crush. From edible pearls to cut emeralds, these unique cakes for the bride-to-be are worth trying at your next intimate wedding. What are you looking for? Scroll down to find out more and try something new this bridal season!

Trending bridal cake for wedding

Inspired by a Russian cake maker who specializes in Indian wedding cakes, Baketown Crush wanted to do something similar with their wedding cakes. Baketown Crush said for the past two years, they have always thought about their handmade Indian wedding cakes, and this time they wanted to try it and add a unique accent with vibrant colors, like an Indian wedding.

It took Baketown Crush two days to make the GORG wedding cake, from baking the cake to decorating. It is just Instagram madness. When I zoomed in to see the intricate details of the cake, I noticed that all the cake trays were edible (yes they were!). With edible gold lace, designer pearl blouses, hand-painted faces, and dazzling gems, T. Rote Dupatta enchanted us.

This unique wedding cake is sure to set a new trend in terms of wedding cake design. In terms of cake texture, a two-tiered truffle cake with lots of caramel is not only delicious but also looks like a bride. An elegant wedding cake decorated with edible roses and beautifully decorated in red and brown colors for Indian brides.

Now we come to our favorite part - wedding decorations. For decoration, cakes are decorated by sprinkling with multi-colored sugar cubes, confetti, and sugar. From yuncas pearls to eggplant and colorful muntik pearls, emeralds, and joker pearls, this wedding cake is nothing short of beauty. “It took all night to assemble the stones for the wedding jewelry,” says Baketown Crash. It is difficult at first to take one stone at a time and keep it dry, but every attempt is perfect. It makes me happy.

Unique bridal cake that is setting a new trend