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Top Skincare hacks for Grooms-To-Be

July 26, 2022

In a wedding, the spotlight isn't just on the bride however on the groom too.

In a wedding, the spotlight isn't just on the bride however on the groom too. The bride is always a step ahead when it comes to taking care of herself. Though grooms become lethargic on following a routine.Earlier we talked about how a bride can pamper her skin for the perfect bridal glow. In any case, today, we will discuss some skincare tips for the groom that will be really useful for the wedding festivities. So every one of the groom-to-be, gear yourself and plan to give an intense contest to your brides cos all things considered, you are the better half.

Ok! Along these lines, begin looking down and bookmark your number one skincare hacks now!

Skincare Tips

We agree that taking care of your skin in this pollution is a tough task and particularly when you travel regularly for work! In any case, could we give you a few hints and deceives for your skincare with the goal that you can have a sound and gleaming skin for your big day? From following a CTM schedule ordinarily to paying ordinary visits to your dermatologist, here are the 6 hints that can make all the difference to get that glass-skin!

1. Clean up

This is the right time to admit guys that most of the boys don’t even wash their face properly. They simply sprinkle some water and are done! Make a habit of using a face wash to cleanse your face because soap can dry your face.In fact, be it the removal of dirt, oil or unwanted pollutants - cleaning up won't just keep your skin hydrated however will likewise guarantee to keep up with your PH level equilibrium and help to keep up the proper pore size so that your skin doesn't build up an excess oil! 

2. CTM

Being one of the most loved systems of the bride, CTM routine is something additionally energetically prescribed for the husbands to be to-be! CTM is the most vital move towards your gleaming skin where C stands for cleansing, T for toning and M for moisturizing, ensure you utilize a toner like Rosewater as it will assist with shutting your pores and cut the penetration of any impurities.Once, you have ticked off the cleansing and Toner step, then make sure to apply a good moisturizer suiting your skin type cos I am sure you don't want to have a dry skin and show the signs of acne for your wedding day! Thus, if you need to have healthy and clear skin, then follow the CTM system two times every day (Morning & before going off to bed!) to get better results! 

3. Exfoliate

We know you must be super busy in your wedding madness but taking care of your skin is something that should be your top priority. Now that you've begun following a CTM routine you should eliminate the dead skin from your face. Moving forward, make sure you exfoliate or scrub your skin on a regular basis. As it will rejuvenate your skin and will remove the blackheads you may also use a scrub to do the procedure. Once done, clean your face with water and simply pat your face with a spotless towel to get a sparkling skin!

4. Regular Salon Visits

Truly, it's simply a fantasy that brides go to salons before the wedding yet it's the reverse way around. Understanding that you also need expert advice to look good on your wedding day, take out some time from your wedding planning and book regular appointments with your favorite salon. Be it threading, facial, waxing, face rub, dye, face pack or hair style, proficient assistance before the wedding is a must for you. Likewise, since numerous salons have groom packages especially curated for the wedding you too can book a one to look your best for the big day!

5. Face Masks and Peels

It is okay to be lazy but it is not okay to treat your skin like trash.It is hard to do all the hard work of making a mask, putting on your face and waiting for it to dry up. So, here are some easy-peasy homemade face masks that can be made in literally 1 min. 

  • Blend Gram flour and Milk - For the Glow
  • Blend Milk and Tomato - For the Tan removal
  • Honey and Lemon combination - For the Clear skin

6. Visit Your Dermatologist

Nobody wants the wedding album to catch the dryness and pimples out of your face. On the off chance that you have skin issues like skin break out, rashes, pimples, and so on, remember to visit your dermatologist well ahead of time. Rather postponing until the big day, ensure you go 3-4 months sooner so your skin related issues can be tackled beforehand.

In a wedding, the spotlight isn't just on the bride however on the groom too.