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Top Honeymoon Destinations in India that are better than Abroad!

June 18, 2022

A honeymoon is an ideal outing to bond with your companion

If after your wedding you are planning your honeymoon trip we are here to help you with finding the Top Honeymoon Destinations in India that are better than abroad. Everything is a thousand times more magical when you’re in love! And nowhere is this more true than when you’re travelling with your loved one to some of the best honeymoon locations in India. A honeymoon is an ideal outing to bond with your companion, have deep meaningful, late night conversations, and cement your special relationship. And keeping in mind that this should be possible in the comfort of your own city, there's not at all like being in an unknown city, among unknown individuals - just both of you in your own little world.

Picking the right honeymoon location is vital as it needs to reflect both your personalities and interests. While a honeymoon trip abroad has begun to turn into the norm, there are such countless fantastic and romantic locations in India!. Here is a list of the best honeymoon locations in India for you to start this exceptional part of your life, the correct way.

1. Andaman and Nicobar islands

With palm trees, white sands, shining turquoise blue water and wonderful coral reefs, the Andamans are one of the most amazing couple honeymoon destinations in India. There are such countless fun activities here that you're certain to live it up regardless of where your interests lie.if you’re the adventurous kind, there are fun sports like snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing and trekking. If you’re a nature and animal lover, prepare to swim with elephants, watch dolphins dance and walk through fascinating limestone caves. If you do choose to go to Andaman, make sure to visit the beach at Havelock Island on a moonless night to witness bioluminescence. Late night walks near the ocean with your other half with small stars and galaxies at your feet? Definitely a Top Honeymoon Destination in India! 

2. Khajjiar

Khajjiar is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh and is one of the 160 areas on the planet that bear geographical similarities with Switzerland. What is better than a honeymoon location over India's own personal Switzerland? The place is home to mesmerising views, quaint villages, breathtaking lakes and innumerable picturesque trek routes. Make certain to shop at the nearby crafted works place to purchase charming gifts that will help you to remember your romantic getaway in future.

3. Coorg

Picture a cold, dewy morning in the midst of mountains taking cover behind a delicate fog that is Coorg for you! Coorg is a totally lovely hill station in Karnataka and is likewise one of the most mind-blowing couple honeymoon destinations in India. Get playful and close with your new spouse through remarkable experiences like bathing elephants at the Dubare Elephant camp. You can likewise splash around and pose for a romantic picture at Abbey falls, which is one of the most outstanding locations to visit in Coorg. On the off chance that that doesn't interest you, there's quad biking, river rafting and jeep safaris too. What can be a Top Honeymoon Destination in India other than Coorg.

4. Lakshadweep

This is one of the Top Honeymoon Destinations in India assuming you and your partner love the beach. Lakshadweep will cause you to fail to remember the Maldives! In a real sense meaning a "hundred thousand islands", Lakshadweep has quite possibly the most gorgeous and extraordinary island. Go fishing, take a sunbath, become a marine observer or just sit back and enjoy the blue lagoons. One of the most mind-blowing parts about Lakshadweep is that it is still relatively less travelled to. This implies that you and your partner can get away from the noisy crowds.

5. Goa

Will any list of the best honeymoon locations in India exclude Goa? India's party safe house isn't only ideally suited for young people but at the same time is one of the best honeymoon locations in India. Enjoy fun water sports and visit the country's most magnificent churches during the day, and submerge yourself in the thriving party scene during the night Tiki lights, brilliant food and heartfelt romantic things murmured in your ear while you watch the sun set are the ideal elements for a great vacation.

6. Jaisalmer

Also known as ‘The Golden City’, Jaisalmer is a stunning city in Rajasthan. As the nickname suggests, the city is full of ancient, royal forts and monuments. This city is a dream come true for every history buff as there is a new story to learn around every corner! Learn the city’s historic tragedies and feel like royalty as you walk through palaces and havelis. Some of the places you absolutely have to visit are Jaisalmer Fort, Nathmal Ji ki Haveli, Gadisar Lake, Kuldhara and Vyas Chhatri, though there’s still a lot more you can do. Log on to ZestMoney and plan your romantic getaway now

7. Leh and Ladakh:

In the event that you're searching for a comfortable honeymoon place where you can cuddle with your partner and forget the rest of the world, Leh and Ladakh ought to be at the first location on your list. Leh and Ladakh are without uncertainty, the best honeymoon locations in India on account of their amazing scenes and heavenly lakes. Experience thrilling treks, drive to the highest civilian road, witness Tibetan cultures and at night, stargaze at the million stars that light up the sky. It is one of the safest  locations to head out to inside India, which is one reason why it is likewise a well known destination for ladies solo trips. Head to Leh and Ladakh for your upcoming honeymoon but we have to warn you, you’re going to cry when it’s time to leave.

8. Lonavala and Khandala:

Lonavala and Khandala are hill stations very close to each other in the Western Ghat mountains of Maharashtra. Another amazing thing about these places, these locations are one of the most popular honeymoon locations in India. They are well known for their greenery and serenity so you can be assured of a beautiful honeymoon trip. If you likewise need an offbeat experience during your honeymoon night, you can go to Imagica - a top notch entertainment  park.

9. Alappuzha

Alappuzha, previously known as Alleppey, is the centre point of Kerala's backwaters. This region has countless waterways cutting through the land, giving it the nickname, ‘Venice of India’. Assuming you're watching out for romantic locations in India, there's no way you can really beat this. Broadly known for its houseboats,bird sanctuary and the annual Nehru trophy boat race, Alappuzha is one of South India’s top ten honeymoon places. It's an ideal tropical venture for yourself as well as your life partner. Enjoy traditional couple massages, devour regional seafood dishes and stay at quaint little cottages for an experience of a lifetime! Isn't it a Top Honeymoon Destination in India?

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A honeymoon is an ideal outing to bond with your companion