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Top 8 Makeup Artists in Dubai

September 12, 2022

Getting ready with that extra oomph and glamor is every bride’s wedding goal.

Getting ready with that extra oomph and glamor is every bride’s wedding goal. The idea of specifics and particulars for our wedding and its related list never ends. We spend eons thinking whether Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s red lehenga color will be our wedding dress shade and what lip color would go with it so that we hit the aisle like a boss. What's more, to make everything transform into a delightful reality, we battle in perplexity and haphazardness and eventually have no place to go. To find our savior and our support during the exciting times seems to be a tough job. But like they said, if you believe, it will happen. So, you believe that you will meet your wedding goals, and you do because you have us at your disposal for every marriage-related concern. Finding a new-age, modern bridal makeup artist can be a little taxing with the vast list of artists accessible. To make the task easier, we bring a whole list of bridal makeup artists in Dubai who you will relish forever. 

1. Angelique Turner

Angelique Turner is an international hair and makeup artist and beauty educator based in Dubai. She was raised in Australia and studied makeup artistry in Los Angeles, California.

Angelique Turner has worked with major brands and organizations including Nike, CNN, Kat Von D Beauty, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Piaget, Jaguar, Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales, Guerlain, Laura Mercier, and Christian Dior. She does bridal makeup and makes sure that the fashion and beauty lovers of Dubai always look their best for photoshoots.

2. Joelle Mardinian

Joelle Mardinian is an extraordinary Makeup artist in Dubai, Joelle is known across the Middle East as the founder of the beauty empire Joelle Group, and as a motivation for an age of Arab ladies. Mardinian is one of the top best makeup artists in Dubai, with over 19.5 million followers on Instagram.

Joelle mardinian makes sure her clients look their best as she navigates the world of Dubai makeup artists. She is the representative of Max Factor and is known for her makeup shows.

3. Nina Ubhi

Nina Ubhi is one of the best-renowned makeup artists in Dubai and a beauty expert in middle eastern makeup. She’s still available for bridal makeup and services for red carpet events in Dubai. Nina worked for large beauty brands such as Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, and Kanebo.

Today, the brand is not only recognized internationally but is also headquartered in Dubai, the beautiful capital of the world, where Nina has become one of the region’s most iconic beauty influencers.

4. Najla Gun

Najla Gun is an expert makeup artist in Dubai.She is also a photographer and social media influencer. Some of the categories she posts about include hair, fragrance, nails, and skincare.

She has been based in the United Arab Emirates, especially in Dubai. She has nearly 10 years of experience working with celebrities, models, local celebrities, and members of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family.

5. Ayesha F

Ayesha is the best bridal makeup artist in Dubai. Ayesha F is a generally excellent makeup artist Her style of work is likewise brimming with Indian style and Ayesha is the most loved makeup artist of youthful brides with skill to comprehend and upgrade the normal magnificence of the client with unobtrusive yet wonderful makeup strokes.

Ayesha F uses top-of-the-line cosmetic brands from around the world and is open to client suggestions based on skin type and previous experience. Her skill at premiering an overall lovestruck look with all peach and pink undertones defines her as a powerhouse of artistic creations.

6. Anna

Anna is the best makeup artist in Dubai. She has some expertise in LVL lashes, hair, and eyebrow forming and shading. Anna loves to do eye makeup. She is an exceptionally proficient makeup artist as well as a hair specialist.

7. Sabby

Situated in Dubai, Sabby makeup artist is an expert hair and makeup artist.She is one of the most renowned makeup artists in Dubai known for her flawless and gorgeous makeup services. She is the Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Dubai.

Her style is centered around giving a characteristic and rich change by upgrading highlights and not overdoing it with her clients' makeup, giving them an encounter deserving that could only be described as epic. Offering bridal makeup and hair, night and party makeup, she is an ideal decision for your wedding.

8. Sonia Ali and Fyza Ali

Sonia Ali and Fyza Ali are two sisters and they are giving areas of strength to individuals in Fashion Flow, Fashion Style, and Makeup Tips around virtual entertainment. These days, Fyza is a popular Makeup Artist and Sonia is a top Makeup and Fashion blogger around the world. They are well known for their small physiques and flawless makeup.

Getting ready with that extra oomph and glamor is every bride’s wedding goal.