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Top 5 Designer Dresses by Manish Malhotra

December 7, 2021

we've gathered a list of dresses you can take inspiration from and design according to your budget.

we've gathered a list  of dresses you can take inspiration  from and design according to your budget. On the off chance that you have not previously seen the insane marriage assortments by Manish Malhotra, then, at that point, this post will assist you with refocusing. His glorious couture dresses and lehenga cholis are outright eye-confections and will give you inconceivably stylish inspiration for your wedding dress. So, do not miss out on getting your hands on the bridal dress that will just seem right and all meant to be for you. And we don’t want you to miss out on something that you can perfectly nail and carry in the best way on your special big day. So have a look at our top picks for this year

Bridal Dress with Mirror Work Coat

A classy and unusual bridal dress introduced by the experimentative Manish Malhotra. The soft yet metallic tones of the dress are simply unremarkable. It is also delicately and subtly embellished and is less flashy compared with most of Malhotra’s creations. It’s dramatic and minimalist, and for those of you who have a no-nonsense fashion approach, this will appeal to you. You can use this design to create a dress in any color you want though we would recommend keeping the heavy work to a minimum as in this dress.

Dark and Seductive Bridal Dress

A mesmerizing and subtle combination of simplicity and class in this cool palely dark bridal dress for all women who wish to stand out a bit more than usual. This dress is confident enough to need no extra accessories. However, jewelry is mandatory at weddings, so you can pitch in a few simple ones, with the nude makeup look. The work on this piece is exceptional! Brides tend to favor the upper portion of their dresses to be fuller and more attention-seeking, but this proves that you can go with a simple top as well. The lehenga displays extraordinary artistry that is a trademark of Manish Malhotra.

Persian Inspired Bridal Dress with Coat Style

A phenomenal and fabulous looking bridal dress with a beautiful bridal print all over the pale golden silk material. To add to the perfection, a classic maroon velvet coat with simple, gold embroidery. As we know that matching gold with maroon is perfection, especially if it’s a wedding dress we are talking about. You pair it with the best dark makeup look you know and a cherry red lip color or probably a darker shade. The small coat stands out in this piece, and it is what we want you to take note of here. Not many brides go with this. 

Manish Malhotra Mirror Work Dress

Which stunning dress ? is for the daring bride who always aspires to do something eccentric and unique. It’s almost casual in the way the designer has created it, and perhaps you can wear it on a casual event as well. But, it can also work as a wedding dress if it’s a small, private event and you want things to be simple. The short frock coat is made with metallic fabric and has embellishments on both arms. It also has a slit in the middle that would be more visible while sitting. Nonetheless, the cut, the sleeves, and the selected portion of the lehenga heavily featuring mirror work are all super stylish and fashion-forward choices. You can perhaps give this outfit more life if you play with colors a bit and choose brighter ones.

Western Bridal Dress 

A specialty of all these Malhotra gowns and lehengas and something you need to bear in mind is that the lehengas have an incredible girth. That can only happen if you have multiple yards of the fabric. So, if you’re going for a custom-made gown inspired by any of the designer’s creations, make sure to buy loads and loads of fabric. Only then will your dress come close to achieving the perfection that is the trademark of the Malhotra label.

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