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Things You Can Do After You Are Engaged

September 21, 2021

When that engagement ring will make your finger heavier, your life becomes lighter and brightful with your soulmate.

When that engagement ring will make your finger heavier, your life becomes lighter and brightful with your soulmate. Your excitement will spread and flow through all over your family, relatives and friends. You will become more curious towards your looks, shape and personality which will push you on the ways of parlour, gym and other health tips. Your mind would jump to daydreaming on a regular basis just to keep building up the plan for a perfect wedding day. You may decide how much you have to work more to be prepared mentally as well as physically on your special day and also for this upcoming new phase of your life. Things can go more great if you collect the answers of these questions and then you can discuss it up with your soulmate which also may result in very first one of the big steps to strengthen the understanding level for better relationship:

How do you want to be dressed on your big day?

You can start looking for the wedding collections by the professional designers which will suit you the best with your personality or you can order for the one if your mind is getting quite creative on this.

What should be the date of your wedding, so that you get enough time for all the preparations?

You have to calculate the approximate days it will take to get all the preparations ready without any doubt before the final day. And then you can bring out the actual dates of the wedding according to your regional guardian.

What must be the theme of your special day?

You can decide the theme of your wedding as these days you not just have to follow old rituals as it is, you can add in your style to let all it happen like dress code, decoration theme, continental foods etc.

What food list do you need to have for your guests on that day?

As it is said, happiness can also be served through one's tummy. Keeping in mind what taste your guests may have so that there must be no chance of disagreement from any corner of the celebration.

Which place can you finalize for your wedding venue?

Paying attention to what will be the climatic conditions, total number of guests and other surrounding details you can decide your venue. So weather luck will stay with your day without being over crowded at all.

How should the invitations have to be done?

Invitations have expanded in their way of giving like from old envelope style to today’s basket invitations or the E-Invitations. You can finalize this according to your budget and need.

What must be the latest updated do’s and don'ts to follow to execute the function safely?

As after this Pandemic, the one who wants to move on with life just like before, is taking serious safeties and precautions to stay right away from all the problems.

What changes can you bring in your lifestyle and mindset as a married person and also as a future parent for the rest of your life?

Sometimes people get nervous during these wedding times just in the worry of to face this very new thing. For them everything will be like challenging if they don't take time to work on it before all this starts happening. For a happy married life this is a very important point to be get very cleared.

How to decide the best budget ?

To decide how much you can put all your piggy banks for this day in which all your requirements get fixed without too much adjustments and compromises you can hire a good wedding planner. Or you can make it on your own if hiring a planner goes out of your budget.

How and from where you must start for all this?

Best way to start anything in today’s time is by searching through the Internet about all the information, shopping and other needs for your planning. Like Shaadivaale - a wedding planning platform will be available for you to finalize your requirements from every angle.

How to book everything carefully?

To any basic wedding ceremony, bookings according to your budget goes through a few sections like Makeup & Mehndi Artists, Event Planners, Choreographers, Caterers, Photographers, Designers, Decorators etc. A smart suggestion will go on to pick all the vendors online from sitting at home by Shaadivaale wedding planning e-platform and book them according to your decided price range instead of stepping into the market with all stress. After all it is your day, plan smartly so you can enjoy at your best when the calendar says “Save the Date”.

Shaadivaale, being India’s fastest growing wedding planning platform is your one-stop solution for finding all the vendors in your budget. If you would like to get in touch with vendors in your city, find vendors with Shaadivaale today.