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The bride who made her lehenga, a keepsake from the wedding in a different way.

November 24, 2022

The bride who made her loved ones write wishes on her lehenga for her wedding day.

Indian brides are featured in books and articles all over the world for their lavish wedding rituals and gorgeous wedding attire. Brides are going above and beyond to make sure that their wedding day is one to remember, from experimenting with their wedding attire to pulling off the hottest trends on their wedding days. We came across one such lovely bride who was dressed in the most unique lehenga a bride could hope for.

Simran Balar Jain, a digital content writer wore a lehenga that stole the show and is so unique that it will preserve the wishes of her loved ones for her married life.

The idea was inspired by PhD by House ofPiaDeeksh.

Some of the cute things we learned about Simran and her Beau, Nikhil Jain were that they had been college sweethearts since 2015 and are now married in 2022. Along with that, if we talk about their wedding festivities, every element of Simran and Nikhil's wedding mirrored their love, from a Haldi with a flash mob involving their friends to the Varmala where they danced for seven minutes while reciting the story of how they met #SiNikWedding.

Simran says that these wishes on the lehenga will remind them of their high school graduation shirts which were covered in messages and she wants to remember them forever.

The six most loved ones signed the lehenga on the wedding day with a black bold marker.

Furthermore, the small windows on the lehenga where the messages are written are called ‘Lehenga’s Jharokhas’.  With these Jharokhas, this outfit is concealed in those lovely windows, where it is keeping the notes private and secure, making it a hundred times more deserving of admiration and love.

Lets have a look at some pointers mentioned by Simran Balar Jain with respect to her lehenga and the wedding prep-

·      Simran while purchasing the lehenga saw that it was surrounded by many windows and she instructed the designers to make sure that one of the side windows was open when the lehenga was being manufactured so that her loved ones may write their blessings on it. The lehenga has a unique design aspect in that it is encircled by Rajwadi windows (jharokhas).

·      Simran has advised every girl to add pockets in your bridal lehenga as it is THE BIGGEST savior for all the brides out there.(Don’t worry darling, now you can keep your lipstick as well for in between touchups ;))

·      The looks for the wedding functions should be planned 15-20 days before your wedding day.

·      Your lehenga should always have 1-2 extra margins for either tightening or loosening your lehenga at the last moment.

Simran’s lehenga created a buzz in the bridal market and she mentioned that brides have placed numerous orders with the outfit's designer, Bratt-hew, asking for the same lehenga.

So, we got to finally know what a jharokha means,

Is that new information for you, future brides?

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