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Simple DIY decoration hacks to get your home wedding ready

September 21, 2021

As friends and family continue to pour into your home, whether from inside or outside, this should be a grand celebration.

In a diverse country like ours, a wedding is like a cultural celebration. In most Indian families, the wedding is considered the most important event in life. Although this is the sacrament of the two, it also marks the reunion of long-lost family bonds and the celebration of a new beginning. In recent years, the concept of holding weddings in palatial hotels or exotic destinations has become a fashion. However, even with such a luxurious setting, the value of your home will not be compromised. For newlyweds, it always reminds them of carnival, laughter, and fun. It is mainly in India, where you can see houses marked for wedding celebrations, houses lit up and decorated with flowers. Therefore, as friends and family continue to pour into your home, whether from inside or outside, it should be a grand celebration.

Here are some wedding home interior design inspirations that combine traditional and modern ideas.

Add colors to your entrance 

From a visual point of view, the entrance is the first point for guests to visit your home. Make it magnificent but stylish and comfortable. Increase warmth by using oil lamps, making rangoli, creating interesting flower arrangements, or using eco-friendly recyclable paper flowers. Add some flowers at the entrance. The entrance space must be decorated in the most colorful and creative way to set the tone for the grand gathering.

Focus on the most commonly used corners.

Choose a space in your home as a background for wedding ceremonies and photo shoots. You can enhance this space by quickly applying contrasting paint. Creating this accent wall will automatically bring the focal point to this part of the living room. If time is tight, you can decorate the walls with flowers and paper decorations in colors that match your wedding theme.

The Role of Lighting

Creative and effective use of lighting can add a wedding ambiance to your home. Decorate windows and balconies with bright lights and lanterns. Arrange the bottles and cans from the living room entrance to make them brighter! This has a more dramatic effect than a small group or individual work.

Chairs Shashes

In order to make your dining room changeover instantly and simply, you can spread a vibrant tablecloth and decorate the dining room chair with a simple satin cloth, or tie the chair back with a satin bow of the same color as the wedding theme.

Floating candles and flowers 

Mix decorations with floating candles and flowers to decorate corners or tables, and even the tops of shelves and ledges. Create a space to make your guests feel very happy when they attend the wedding ceremony. This is a simple and elegant way to add a bridal atmosphere to your home.