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Sidus Galaxy Resort and Spa, a Perfect Destination for Couples!

July 11, 2022

SIDUS GALAXY is the most beautiful retreat situated in the mountains of Chakrata at more than 7000 ft above ocean level.

SIDUS GALAXY is the most beautiful retreat situated in the mountains of Chakrata at more than 7000 ft above ocean level. It is a mix of lavish accommodation, personalized services, gourmet dining and unconventional experiences - all this with stunning views of snow clad peaks of Himalayas.

VIRAT KHAI - Let yourself be captivated!

History of King Virat mesmerizes everybody.

Settled among Mussoorie and Chakrata, Virat Khai - the Princess of Hills is home to the renowned Jaunsari tribe  of the Jaunsar Bawar area of Uttarakhand. - Mahabharata. As per the Epic, Duryodhan, one of the Kaurava siblings constructed a royal residence made of exceptionally inflammable lacquer and welcomed the Pandavas to visit. During their visit, the Kauravas set the royal residence land, yet the Pandavas got away safe to an adjoining town - Chakrawati. It is accepted that the Pandavas went through thick woods before Raja Virat offered them cover in his illustrious royal residence at the highest point of a mountain pass. SIDUS GALAXY is arranged toward the finish of this memorable pass. Indeed, even today, one might observe the remnants of King Virat's Palace by taking a delightful journey a short way from the hotel.

THE FOOD: Indulge your faculties with flavorful dining experience. The Octagon restaurant offers stunning views while you can enjoy a confluence of established customs with a twist of modern upgrade. No matter what the variety you pick, their creative cuisine features only the freshest ingredients to create the most tasty feast for each event from a peaceful supper to a heartfelt date or extraordinary festival.Special spotlight on utilizing local, protein-rich soya bean dal, well known Chakrata - rajma, bhang chutney, millet bread etc.

SPA SERENO offers various services to work on your wellbeing through personal care treatments. Steam showers will sweat off the entirety of your pressure and the wellness center  will give the concordance among the mind and body. Indeed, even a short 10-20 minutes' foot back rub can truly help you relax and improve circulation. What's more, this isn't all, you can meditate and practice mindfulness at SERENO MEDITATION HALL

Every one of the rich private villas boasts a safe-haven magnificence with conveniences that incorporate lovely interior,plush bedding, huge ensuite restroom and an attached stylish living room with not only a comfortable seating, a pantry but also a well-designed mezzanine floor, a beautiful balcony, a splendid sun room and also a private garden to relax and admire nature of Himalayas.

Every single Classic room highlights real craftsmanship making an exquisite and romantic emanation through wooden inside, fine art, wonderful outfitting and energetic stylistic theme which will definitely make your visit agreeable here. Every one of our rooms offers dazzling views of the Himalayas. A wonderful gallery with vibrant flooring adds to the appeal of your room.

Each Privilege suite portrays the greatness of an impressive home with its wonderfully decorated living room notwithstanding the bed room and gallery. Each bedroom is planned with lovely and open to king size or twin beds,  a study, a wardrobe, en-suite bathroom, plush furnishing and all essential conveniences expected to make your visit agreeable and charming. The Living room has a happy seating space and your own dining area to drink, eat and enjoy in your time.

SIDUS GALAXY is the most beautiful retreat situated in the mountains of Chakrata at more than 7000 ft above ocean level.