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Period on Your Wedding Day: How You Can Handle it?

July 8, 2022

Wedding and periods, two words you would rather not like to hear together

Wedding and periods, two words you would rather not like to hear together! While certain families and societies trust it to be impure and don't suggest getting hitched when you are on your cycle, there are more justifications for why not having your period during your wedding is really smart. You would rather not be stressed over stains, cramps and mood swings on the happiest day of your life. So what do you do! Here’s what we recommend

Plan Your Wedding Date Away From Your 'Date'!

While arranging your wedding date, plan the occasions to such an extent that they don't coincide with your period dates. To simplify matters, skip the week so you don't need to stress regardless of whether they are a day late or early.

Utilize A Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is a simple and bother free method of not stressing over changing your pad or anything for at least 7-9 hours, except if you have a very heavy flow. There are also some anecdotal reports of people having fewer or less painful menstrual cramps while using a cup which is a win win. We recommend trying a menstrual cup a few times befire you use it on your d-day!

Plan It Ahead

Plan your period during your wedding by guaranteeing you have your backups. Tell your bridesmaids so they are ready. Pack a bag which will have tampons,pads, extra panties,  a hot water bag, painkillers, dark chocolate and anything that you may need if things go wrong. Ensure your companions/sister know where everything is so you can rapidly get to anything you really want.

Think about Talking To Your Gynac Regarding Skipping It

If periods are a complete no-go zone for your wedding, then you can resort to medication.. However, remember that this is definitely not a last moment fix. You really want to plan it one cycle ahead where your Gynac can recommend a few medicines to postpone your periods. Talk to your doctor to come up with a plan to safely skip your period on your wedding day.

Attempt Alternative Cramp Relief Methods

There are various stick-on patches in the market which assist with cramps. You can slap it on your lower mid-region so it's visible  which will help in numbing the pain.

Stay away from Alcohol, Caffeine And Salty Foods.

These foods will not only cause bloating but will also aggravate period cramps. So avoid these one week prior to the wedding and you will thank us!

Have a Conversation with Your Dermat Too

Assuming that you are somebody who breaks out during or before her periods, consider talking with your dermatologist to guarantee this doesn't occur. They might recommend specific enhancements for skin inflammation free skin!

Add PMS Vitamins To Your Daily Supplements

Talk with your doctor and add PMS nutrients that will assist with curb period cramps naturally. Vitamins with Vitamin B6, chaste berry, dong quai and lemon ointment can help however you really want to add these to your system 2-3 months earlier.

Do’s And Don’ts

  • Try not to wear high heels as they will come down on a throbbing lower back. Pick wedges all things considered.

  • Do really take a look at your seating choices at the mandap so you have an agreeable seat.

  • Don’t have aerated drinks. Have herbals teas to lessen the nerves and cramps

  • Do carry a spray of hydrogen peroxide or any stain remover, in the event your lehenga/saree gets stained.

  • Don’t stress. Stress can cause your period cycle to come earlier so try to relax as much as possible.

Having your period on your big day can be very horrifying,but with the right dos and don’ts in place, you can definitely ensure that your happy day is not ruined. Encircle yourself with strong, positive individuals and with things that satisfy you so you can enjoy your big day without any limit!

Wedding and periods, two words you would rather not like to hear together