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Mouth Watering South Indian Dishes You Must Include In Your Wedding Menu!

June 1, 2022

Everybody cherishes the food at weddings! Aren't wedding menus truly unique?

Everybody cherishes the food at weddings! Aren't wedding menus truly unique? They generate such strong memories even years later. So today we might want to show you some customary wedding menu things from different South Indian weddings that would make an incredible expansion to your wedding menus. Every one of these are works of art and will work for both day and night weddings.


Established in Karnataka, this is yummy seasoned milk poured over a flaky puff cake style puri and finished off with powdered sugar. Yum and delighted in everyone.


Each state in India has their adaptation. The South versions are plenty where Karnataka wedding lunches serve their Obattu with ghee and the wedding Sadhyas in Trivandrum are incomplete without their favorite boli and payasam.

Paal Ada Pradhaman

A Kerala trademark small bits of jelly like ada is cooked with milk and sugar to achieve a creamy consistency and is a must-have on the menu. Add it. Can be served hot, cold, or even as a popsicle.

Chakka Pradhaman

Eat occasionally and summer is the time of jackfruits. This dessert is something that ought to be tasted. Your visitors will thank you until the end of their lives.

Mambhaza Pulishery

How would we in all actuality do summer weddings without mangoes? Attempt a mambhaza pulishery, a prepared sauce from God's own country. A delicacy and a lovely expansion to your wedding menu.

Mor Kozhambhu

This buttermilk imbued sauce that each state has a variant of. The South or more precisely the Tamil version has okras or even vadas dunked into this flavorful gravy.


On the off chance that you have added the mor kozhambhu to your menu, a usili or a dry dish made of vegetables and disintegrated lentils is the ideal combo for it. So add this as well! PS. It is an unquestionable necessity in Tamil weddings.


Zooming to the provinces of Andhra and Telangana they serve an assortment of dishes that are conventional and one we love is the puliohara. They make various forms of it and every one of it is just about as yummy and light as the other.

Variety of Pickles

The condiments served at a traditional Telugu wedding meal cannot be compared to anything and you can add the whole bunch to your menu.

Everybody cherishes the food at weddings! Aren't wedding menus truly unique?