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Inspirational wedding Invitation card

November 10, 2021

Considering how many weddings take place in India...

Considering how many weddings take place in India every year, it's nothing unexpected there are invitation card formats prepared topick for most types of Indian weddings. In any case, imagine a scenario in which standard isn't your style.


In case you're a millenial bride of the hour or groom to be, you are inspirational wedding invitations and thanks to some talented Indiadesigners, you have a sizeable number of creative options to pick from!


We checked out cards and picked the most imaginative and Inspirational wedding invitation designs that don't compromise on the beauty ofthe invite.

A Fun Lift-The-Flap Card Design

Instead of separate inserts, these invites pack in the information of every function into a single card energetically – guests have tolift-the-flap to reveal what’s inside! This card even had portrays identified with the function under each fold!

Surprise the Guests with A Pop Up Element

Spring up cards are a good time for everybody and adding this elements to your wedding invite makes it playful and unique! This Thailand picturesque wedding card hada spring up fan making a reference to the area.

Quirky Playing Cards


We loved how the right colours and design were utilized to concoct a delightful playing card set. This inventive wedding card supplanted the King and Queen with the Bride and Groom in the fitting clothing for each capacity! So the husband to be's in a safa for the Wedding insert while he's wearing a couple of shades on the Pool Party insert. The opposite side of the "playing card" inserts had Function Details.

Honest & Funny Wedding Invitation

This card is energetically phrased with "Crap Just Got Real" and "Doomsday has arrived" phrases sprinkled everywhere!It's ideal assuming you need an imaginative wedding card to send to your friends that will make them chuckle.

Gorgeous Photos for a Inspirational Wedding card

To be honest,photo in wedding invitations often wind up looking "excessively customized". However, on the off chance that you have photographs that appear as though they emerged from a magazine's pages,  go ahead and make your unique photo invite!You simply need to check out the card beneath to perceive what we mean

Art Deco Theme

From the era of the Great Gatsby, this theme looks stunning in a wedding invite.

Modern Take on Peacocks

There’s nothing new about using Peacocks in an Indian wedding card, but these invites give the traditional Peacock a modern twist. It’s an updated look and it’s making us wonder how many other invitation cards are out there that give a modern feel to conventional Indian elements!


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