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How You Can Win Against Bridal Body Shaming!

May 31, 2022

women are supposed to be fair, slim, and beautiful in order to be accepted by our hypocritical society

When a girl gets married in India and in case she is a plus size bride there will be a lot of criticism about her weight and body “This might not fit you. Sorry, your size isn’t available right now.” An overweight girl’s life is filled with these words.

"Have you thought about joining a gym? I have a truly extraordinary dietician for you!" A bride to be is supposed to keep mum seeing these remarks as though she were a puppet. In numerous Indian families, the 'to-be couple' is approached by their family members to triumph when it's all said and done at the last dinner with them before marriage. With these expected gatherings come spontaneous inquiries like "Wouldn't you say you ought to lose a few pounds before the D-Day?Try reducing carbs & sugar. Avoid rice. Stay away from rice, desserts, potato and red meat and you'll be better off." And what is hypocritical is that they, at the end of the day, serve sweets as a custom.“It’s pretty obvious psychology; people with better looks and money can easily attract partners than average-looking people. No matter how good you may be character-wise, in the digital world, your face value is everything that netizens first notice. This is the mentality of people in our society.

There has always been a stereotypical view in every person’s mindset. 1600’s Shakespearean Classic i.e., Othello introduced the phrase ‘Tall, Dark & Handsome’ and it clearly refers to the TYPE of men our society finds appealing. Similarly, women are supposed to be fair, slim, and beautiful in order to be accepted by our hypocritical society. These gratuitous beauty standards are totally unnecessary in the world where Feminism stands right. It’s 2022 and people do need to understand that these physical aspects mean nothing out in the real world. What matters is a heart filled with kindness and love.

Every voluptuous woman faces some kind of insult, embarrassment during her wedding. “Your belly is showing in the lehenga, haww!” “Try using Gua Sha; your face would look snitched.” “Don’t put up heavy makeup” “Stick to a monotone color ensemble” You know what is troublesome here? Magazines, Blog Sites writing articles like: “How to look slimmer on your wedding day?” “Tips for curvy brides to look 10lb less on your D-Day” This is exactly where the trouble began. Plus-sized girls do deserve a dreamy outfit. Just because you don’t concur with the beauty standards, it doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of a desirable outfit.

We always recommend bringing a small entourage of loved ones to your appointment, but remember that their opinions are just that. Some of the commentary is awful. “You’re busting out of that dress” or “that gown gives you back cleavage” are common bride-shaming phrases. First of all, the samples you try on are unaltered and probably not your size. Second, you need to tell them to shush! These comments are not helpful or factual. As women, we need to work on how we talk about one another’s bodies so we can set an example for society. If you’re a bride, let your family know which opinions are helpful and which are not. As a member of the entourage, keep your bride’s confidence levels up and remind yourself that this is her dream dress. Ask yourself: Which one matches her personality and makes her unique beauty glow? The moral of the story? There’s no satisfying the public and it's important to feel beautiful from inside . spending too much time comparing yourself  to celebrities, models, and your own friends. What  you should be doing is considering a better version of yourself. But what does that mean?

Let yourself know you're beautiful the way you are

Set attainable goals, take care of yourself, and stop comparing yourself with others. Work on self-acceptance—flaws and all. Recall that you're getting hitched. Somebody thinks that you are very stunning, and they've figured out how to acknowledge your imperfections. It's time you thoroughly search in the mirror and do likewise. While you work on this, help an individual human out. Praise others, and in addition to your companions. think about how wonderful you feel when a stranger tells you your hair looks nice or your new dress is cool. Why not spread the love? One compliment from you could lead to one large step in another person’s path to self-acceptance. The body image conversation will always be there. If we can’t get rid of it, we might as well change it.

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women are supposed to be fair, slim, and beautiful in order to be accepted by our hypocritical society