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Hosting a Welcome Lunch for Guests at your Wedding

November 17, 2021

Relaxed and fun, welcome Lunch is the ideal general ...

Relaxed and fun, welcome Lunch is the ideal general setting to not just adapt something more limited scale than a wedding, however to likewise launch the wedding end of the week with your away visitors. It's November, and that implies a decent larger part of all Indian weddings will play host lots of vacationing guests!

With welcome lunch, not exclusively do you not need to stress over colossal measures of favors or stylistic theme, you can find exceptional components that you probably won't have had the option to execute on your big day..

Here we are sharing some tips on how to host your very own welcome lunch.

Serve delectable welcome drinks

What could be a superior method for inviting your guests than with an invigorating drink? Just set up a beverage station at the entry or get some Indian enhanced beverages like aam panna and jaljeera served at the entry to give 

Also, remember to add new and energetic methods of serving drinks at your wedding.

Give a hamper full of snacks and goodie 

Intending to have an exotic marriage? Shock your  guests with a welcome goodie pack loaded with bites and favors kept in their lodgings. It would make their visit more straightforward and upbeat. Simply ensure you're adding some remarkable and delicious treats to fulfill their less than ideal and late-night food cravings !

Grilled Chicken in food menu

Winter food ought to be light and good. In the event that you pick a plunk down supper for your wedding after-party, consider including winter top choices like salmon or barbecued chicken. Also, remember the lime.


There is unpleasantness in having food without the right chapatti/roti in Indian platter. It is a must have.


You should choose a phenomenal serving of mixed greens to supplement your rich entrée. A refined expansion to your wedding smorgasbord would be a Santa Fe Salad with Grilled Pork Tenderloin. The salad serving of mixed greens will be a superb supplement to the substantial entrée.

Zafrani Pulao

Let's have rice. As this is the main thing your visitors will take on their platter, what about Zafrani Pulao? Beginning from the mountains of Kashmir, it is a prominent dish of Hyderabad. Rice being a fundamental piece of any Indian wedding we should make sure that it isn't the case substantial so guests can appreciate rest of the menu.

Pasta Primavera

Youngsters just love this dish. Newly hacked vegetables are the primary elements of Pasta. These are cooked in a pot loaded up with salted water till they are delicate and pasta is bubbled. From that point onward, the bubbled pasta and the vegetables are dressed with Garlic and Olive Oil and embellished with destroyed Cheese. You are without a doubt going to win many fans with this dish at your wedding.

Litti Chokha

Quite a unique and most talked about the roadside food of Bihar is now giving an authentic experience to the guests at the wedding. In fact, this love of Bihar has now started appearing everywhere.

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