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Getting Wedding Planning Assistance Online from Shaadivaale to Plan your Wedding !!

September 21, 2021

With Shaadivaale, you can find the best vendors in your city sitting at your home.

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With Shaadivaale, you can find the best vendors in your city sitting at your home. Shaadivaale has tie-ups with more than 300 high-end vendors across India which makes all your wedding planning worries go away.

Either it's just about making an enquiry or booking a vendor for your special occasion, everything is smoothly confirmed through this Shaadivaale’s online assistance. Book for all your requirements for the event with your own comfort from anywhere & enjoy this instant service

How does our site help people to find authentic vendors? 

This online platform is designed in such a way that assists to make your Wedding /Events more celebrating and effortless by getting genuine vendors with a variety of 200+ & still counting up. The team works really hard to find & verify all the vendors before listing them on our portal. All you have to do is select the vendor category and choose your city. You'll see all the details of vendors within your city and its super easy to get in touch with them. If you want us to find you the best wedding vendor, you may contact us with your city, event date, and budget.


How one can find vendors according to their choices from sitting at home? 

Shaadivaale converts all your complex Wedding / Event planning activities into defined categories so that you don't have to go through the hassle of going out and searching for a vendor.

By making all of this available online, it gets reachable and reliable for everyone who is in a real need of this.

This Online Assistance lets you filter the right types of vendors required according to the events. Also a major plus point on this is that one can check online for the particular location & nearby cities to which vendors are available to facilitate their service. 


The easiest way to plan a wedding

If anyone visits Shaadivaale, the Online Wedding Planning Portal once, there is no coming back unsatisfied. The website is crafted in such a systematic way that it becomes easy to understand as well as to handle. One doesn't have to rely on unverified vendors available offline as the vendors on Shaadivaale are verified before getting listed on the site. This helps in being assured of the quality of services and takes away the stress of managing a wedding.


Shaadivaale, being India’s fastest growing wedding planning platform is your one-stop solution for finding all the vendors in your budget. If you would like to get in touch with vendors in your city, find vendors with Shaadivaale today.