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Essential Things to Check at Your Final Lehenga Fitting!

June 14, 2022

The last lehenga fitting-which might be around 15 days before your wedding

The last lehenga fitting-which might be around 15 days before your wedding so we are here to help you with what are the Essential Things to Check at Your Final Lehenga Fitting, even though you know exactly how it's gonna look, you still have butterflies in your stomach! Indeed, the final bridal fitting is the last time you can make any sort of tweaks or changes to your lehenga, so it's essential you check for these small little points!

Try not to wear dark lipstick to the fitting

Never wear a dark lipstick to your Lehenga fitting, now and then while wearing your blouse it can stain it exceptionally if your lehenga is lighter. You would rather not be sending a new lehenga over at the laundry before you get into it.

Look at the zips, and stitches

Check the zips,check the embroidery or the work on the lehenga closely- check for any overstitches or places where the work might be coming off or missing. Furthermore, do this on all aspects of the outfit-the lehenga skirt, the blouse and the dupatta!

Try it with the same lingerie as the wedding day

Now, this is really important. Try your marriage lehenga's last fitting with a similar bra and a body shaper in the event that you're planning on wearing one to see how good or bad the blouse and lehenga fits- you might want more padding or lessen it..

Check if the lehenga stays up without the dori

The good stores will always give you a hook along with the dori. The hook is intended to make your lehenga stay set up and the dori is simply additional help. In the event that this isn't true with you then the dori can pack up with the heaviness of holding the lehenga up and this causes a not-so-nice looking situation.

Check: Is the lehenga digging into the stomach?

In the approach to the wedding, say at your Mehendi and your Engagement, drinking, eating and remaining up can negatively affect your belly, making it bloated. We’ve had brides complaining of rashes and pain because of it. So ensure the lehenga has some allowance and isn't really tight so you can be comfortable even with a bloated stomach.

Try it with your bridal heels or shoes

Likewise, wear similar marriage heels so you know whether the length of the lehenga is correct. It should neither sweep the floor too much nor should it show too much of your shoes. So ensure it's perfect!

Is the cancan right?

After you're done trying on the lehenga skirt with the right shoes, really look in the mirror in the event that the cancan is correct, whether it's standing free from the lehenga, whether you maintain that it should be pretty much. The flare ought to be perfect!

Wear your bridal jewelry and accessories

Indeed, with essentially everything on the top portion of the body, check to see if the jewelry is sitting right-is it covering a lot of the neck area or exactly to what lengths you will go for it? Likewise,is your jewelry getting caught in your embroidery? That is something else you really want to check-it can get exceptionally irritating on the wedding!

Try your dupatta drape

This could appear to be a great deal of work- but this will help you figure it out. if the drape you decided is looking good. if it's comfortable. if you have any desire to transform it in any way-add or get rid of stuff. This is the last opportunity you will be able to try and make the littlest changes!

Sit, stand, dance in your lehenga

Most significant thing to do! Move about in your lehenga, sit and try to even shake it up a little-check whether it's totally comfortable and manageable since in the future you'll be wearing it at your marriage!

Request your customizations

Pay attention to little things that you might want changed or customized- do you want to change the latkans, or maybe the inner border of the dupatta?? Or then again do you need more or less flare? Little things that will ultimately have an effect, right now is an ideal opportunity to request anything you desire.

Get lots of photographs from each point

Click pictures from every angle and while doing all the activities we suggested! That way you can check whether you have a tire while sitting or whether you are uncovering more than you mean to. Furthermore, you get to know  how beautiful you look!

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The last lehenga fitting-which might be around 15 days before your wedding