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Big Fat Indian Wedding - Unveiling the Grandeur of an Indian Wedding

September 21, 2021

We are here to form you undergo that why these big fat Indian weddings are so grand and splendid altogether aspects and what actually goes behind

There are some Indian weddings which have crossed over $20 Million. Do you know that the market of Indian weddings, and that too big fat Indian weddings is about$50 billion? Isn’t the amount too huge to shock you to the core?

US/Canada and 100+ crores mark in India, with some top notch A-listers and B-town celebrities got married within recent years. So, the big fat Indian wedding game has changed from the past years and is evolving as new things are arising.

But we aren’t here to talk about them, of course!

We are here to form you undergo that why these big fat Indian weddings are so grand and splendid altogether aspects and what actually goes behind planning one!

• Months of Planning

The Wedding List

Now any wedding needs planning, whether it is happening in India or outside. It takes months to work out where the marriage would happen , shopping has to be done, dates need to be finalized as per the “muhurat”- as per Indian culture, it's the foremost auspicious time of the year to be married, guest list has to be prepared and what not. In short, an entire checklist must be prepared on what all must be done and the way the expenses got to be distributed among the varied aspects of the checklist.

But what goes behind the particular big fat Indian wedding preparations is what event company to decide on, the way to choose, whom to refer for best suggestions, best destination for the wedding, wedding trousseau etc.

Now because in big fat Indian weddings, it's usually the event company who looks into everything almost all of the cases, from delivering of the marriage cards to décor till the functions wind up; there’s not much to worry for the family except supervising a little bit of the staff from the event company.

But this doesn’t mean that big fat Indian wedding preparations become easy with this, instead there’s more burden as once you work yourself, you recognize what to try to , the way to do and keep a check on quality etc.

• Destination Weddings

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Wedding Destination

With the growing number of Indian riches, wedding families usually opt for destination weddings like Udaipur, Jaipur, Kerala, Goa, etc.

Destination weddings at a number of the foremost prominent places not only feature as a mark of stature but also give the families a time to break through the routine and explore while yet digging deep into the festivities.

Besides that, destination weddings serve the best and most lavish purpose of a great pre-wedding photoshoots along with the other wedding photography and videography to truly resonate with the big fat Indian wedding scenario.

Destination weddings have become the vogue of getting married at a dream place, even though it means you've got to chop out on other expenses.

• Creating a Phenomenal Experience

Luxurious Invitations

The elite weddings are not seen simply as a series of elaborate events but a phenomenon for much effort and money being put into creating an experience.

The journey begins right from the marriage invitations, where simple paper invitations are giving thanks to outrageously luxurious ones.

These days invites are not just about piece of paper inviting the family, instead a means to show off which screams.You yourself can imagine that if the card is so lavish, how outstanding the wedding itself be. It is also a way to make more people attend the marriage and truly make them feel as if they have got at some extravagant event.

• Out of the Box Decoration

Theme Decoration

With a lavish wedding comes an out-of-the-box decoration. Like the theme based wedding famous fashion blogger and influencer, Masoom Minawala had because the Moroccan décor with small elements inspired from the Moroccan culture and also slightly of some personal traits of both the bride and therefore the groom.

• Pre-wedding Photoshoot and Designer Wedding Lehengas

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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Though pre-wedding photoshoots became quite common lately with more and more couples going for it and more and more photographers only for pre-wedding photoshoot, are you able to imagine going to an altogether different country for one? Most probably no but big fat Indian weddings definitely have this. The bride and groom do not mind travelling alone or with family for such a shoot. Besides that, nowadays it’s not only about a casual photoshoot with couples standing close to each other hands in hands, changing outfits and poses.

There’s even variation to it. Under-water shoot, vintage shoot, one together with your furry best friends, miniature shoot, in-house shoot and what not. The list is endless.

Now coming to the most important thing – the marriage outfits. Whether it's for any function or the D-day, it’s always designer. Starting direct from Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, to Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra to Tarun Tahilani, Ritu Kumar to Neeta Lulla.

Only these richies can afford a lehenga worth 25 lakhs, 50 lakhs or more. For else, an entire wedding is planned within this much of expense.

Here are some of the best bridal designer lehengas:

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Designer Bridal Lehengas

• Gastronomical Delight and Elaborate Gifts

Delicious Food

Now this is often one thing we all Indians can abide by surely. No one remembers what the décor was all about, what were the bride and groom wearing, how the invites, but everyone were remembers the food, both in terms of variety and taste. The menu of massive fat Indian weddings is a few treat to your eyes, anode to your taste buds and a chance to share a number of those cuisines which either you would possibly not try your own or won't have a chance to taste. Various live counters are there, food from across the world is there, possible tastes that you simply can’t even imagine also are there.

Gifts for Guests

If you are getting married and need help with wedding planning, get in touch with We let you get in touch with our elite designers and skilled craftsmen to build that perfect outfit which echoes with your personality and also stands high up to your expectations.

We also cater to both the bride as well as groom and anyone who wants customization in their wedding ensemble.  So be prepared and all dressed up for the next destination wedding in town!