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Best Makeup Artists in Delhi-NCR

September 21, 2021

Here we have handpicked some of the amazing makeup artists in Delhi-NCR.

Choosing the best Makeup Artist in Delhi NCR for your wedding is s task because the capital region is full of some great and talented Makeup artists. With all these amazing options, it is utterly difficult to choose the best makeup artist for your own bridal makeup.

Here we have handpicked some of the amazing makeup artists in Delhi-NCR.

Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers

Meenakshi Dutt is popularly known for making ideal pictures of marriage excellence with her extraordinary thoughts and incredible fashion awareness. She works so proficiently with shading coordination and insignificant cosmetics that the magnificence of the lady of the hour is exhibited in entirety.

Meenakshi Dutt’s claim to fame: Instead of zeroing in on the inconsequential subtleties and assembling a gathering of makeup, haircut, and frill, she centers around the master plan.

Chandni Singh Studio

On the off chance that class and style matter to you and you are searching for an Indian marriage cosmetics craftsman with over ten years of involvement with the business, at that point, Chandni Singh’s name echoes noticeable all around as she is one of the best makeup artists in Delhi-NCR.

Chandni Singh’s claim to fame: Her forte lies in making the eyes the point of convergence and giving them a brilliant look. She functions admirably with the face-cut, giving the lady a stunning look.

Komal Gulati

Komal Gulati knows about all the global wedding patterns. She is broadly known for highlighting the certainty of the lady of the hour. Regardless of whether it is digitally embellished cosmetics or HD, Komal holds mastery in cosmetology.

Komal Gulati’s claim to fame: She does something amazing with her unobtrusive and common creative cosmetics so it coordinates with your wedding linen.

Vidya Tikari Bridal Makeup

With an expert eye and capable taste, Vidya Tikari is known to be a popular big-name amongst the best makeup artists in Delhi-NCR. She is extremely adaptable and has different involvement with the cosmetics business as a Makeup artist for the wedding.

Vidya Tikari’s Specialty: Her strong point lies in working around your character and giving you the wedding cosmetics that coordinates with your temperament, skin tone, outfit, face shape.”

Swati Verma

Around Delhi, yet in addition all throughout the planet, Swati Verma is an internationally acclaimed Makeup Artist who has her degrees from top-notch cosmetics foundations.

Swati Verma’s Specialty: She holds mastery in mixing charming global looks with conventional Indian looks, the outcome is that the bride feels magnificent on her big day.

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